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Paint Your Brick Walls

A block wall can destroy the aesthetic beauty of your home on the off chance that it gets dingy and dirty. The ideal approach to brighten the room and add “elegancy” to your walls is to apply a fresh coat, which can make a cleaner, all the more even wrap up.

Regularly, the rough surface of a brick wall makes it an incredible surface for paint to adhere to. Be that as it may, because of its porosity, it can likewise be tricky. As a result of the porosity, brick walls are prone to absorb significantly more paint a block wall can absorb between 20%-half more paint than a normal surface would. Furthermore, the individual who is delegated to paint a brick wall ought to be acquainted with the procedure of cracks and filling gaps in the brick wall before applying paint. The assignment of applying the paint in the grooves between bricks requires a decent level of experience and expertise, also, patience. A generous measure of time ought to be designated for painting any brick surface.

The Prep Work:
Surface preparation is the way to landing a decent paint position, particularly in the event that you have a brick wall to paint. You can scrub the brick wall gently by utilizing a hard nylon brush, then vacuum the surface with a specific end goal to expel any free dust, dirt, or mortar. In addition, you have to take a pail loaded with warm water and blend in two or three drops of a liquid soap or a modest bunch of gentle detergent powder. It is vital to wash the bricks with the soap and water mixture to evacuate any overabundance dirt and dust permit the wall to dry totally. By and large, brick takes around 12 hours to dry properly, however in the event that you discover the bricks are cold, it presumably needs to dry somewhat more.

It is likewise imperative to affix painters tape to each of a trim and the adjacent wall that you don’t wish to paint. You can likewise cover your furniture with a plastic drop fabric or canvas sheet keeping in mind the end goal to protect them from paint drips.

Applying the Primer and Paint:
It is essential to apply a decent quality primer on corners and the edges of the brick wall by utilizing a 2½ creep wide nylon-polyester brush. For whatever remains of the block surface, you can utilize a 1¼inch nap roller to apply the primer. With regards to painting inside brick walls, you ought to dependably utilize a top notch water-based acrylic paint. Permit the paint to dry properly and afterward, you can apply the second coat if necessary.

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