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Why Global Cash Formula Will Succeed

In all honesty, the idea of making the pre-launch 100% free is a great idea. I have not seen a better strategy than that in a while. Right now my main business opportunity is not the Global Cash Formula. However my primary opportunity did have a pre-launch similar, and that’s when I joined it. It cost money to join at that time, which isn’t bad at all. But then again I would rather join something that’s free than something that costs money . They have done a fantastic job of getting a buzz going around the Global Cash Formula as opposed to reviews by cash formula.

It being free for the sake of being free isn’t what’s so great about it. I mean there’s tons of free stuff out there if you know where to look. What’s so great about the ‘freeness’ is how easy it is for people to recruit for this company. Most people that join a new company have never been in online or network marketing before. They don’t know the first thing about promoting a product. They know absolutely nothing about this business, and just starting to learn how things work. But when it comes to Global Cash Formula, the newer and less experienced marketers do not have to go through what they would have to, if they were a part of a different company. A person without any marketing experience whatsoever can convince people to join something for free. Anybody can do that. I only have one thing to say to the creators of Global Cash Formula: Good job. Great marketing strategy!

This is not near as big of a plus as the free pre-launch, but it still helps The Holiday launch date. I don’t care what anyone says, timing is everything. Think about what’s going on around Christmas time.

Global Cash Formula is coming out a perfect time. This again helps out the newbies giving them another sales pitch that they can use. The Global Cash Formula is trying to help their people succeed, and that is exactly why they will succeed.

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